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About Ace Amandla

ACE Technical Charter High School was founded in 2004 by Chicagoland Architecture, Construction and Engineering industry leaders committed increasing the number of urban, low income, minority and female youth who pursue education and careers in the architecture, construction and engineering professions.

Since its inception, students have gained professional exposure through partnerships with a number of organizations including ACE Mentors. ACE Tech graduates have successfully applied and been accepted into apprenticeships in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), Carpenter’s and the Plumber’s Apprenticeship programs as well other labor unions. Students are working in architectural, construction as well as other firms throughout the city including: the University of Chicago, FH Paschen and the Ford Motor Company. Some have become construction business owners in the City of Chicago. Amandla Charter School was founded in 2008 to prepare Chicago’s students for college and beyond. Amandla in the Nguni languages means "power" and was used as a rallying cry during the resistance against apartheid in South Africa.

Amandla Charter School’s founders chose it as the school’s name so as to have a constant reminder of the power and importance of a good education. Amandla began with 5th graders and graduated its first high school class in 2016, sending more than 90% of those graduates to college. In July 2019, ACE Technical Charter High School and Amandla Charter School merged to form ACE Amandla Charter High School. ACE Amandla Charter High School stands apart from other high schools in Chicago in its vision, focus and mission. At ACE Amandla, students are exposed to hands-on, project-based learning in the classroom, as well as given opportunities for work experience through internship opportunities. Whether a student is plotting a course directly into an apprenticeable trade or planning on attending a four-year college, ACE Amandla will prepare them with a strong foundation.

Vision Statement

ACE Amandla Charter High School strives to be an inclusive community that prepares students for rewarding careers in architecture, construction, and engineering.

Mission Statement

ACE Amandla Charter High School seeks to prepare students academically and socially with the skills needed for post-secondary success by providing high quality instruction, real world experiences, and comprehensive support in a professional environment.

Long Term Instructional Goals

Students at ACE Amandla are collaborative and critical problem solvers who actively participate in relevant project-based learning. We encourage students to be curious and reflective learners who are self-advocates and communicators.

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